Blue Sun Pool Dallas

Pool Cleaning

We provide convenient pool cleaning services on a recurring basis or as requested. Our Dallas pool cleaning consists of:

Dallas Pool Cleaning

Scheduled Cleaning

• Weekly Pool Cleaning
• Twice Weekly Pool Cleaning
• One Time Pool Cleaning
• Vacation Pool Cleaning

Pool Chemicals

• Free (Available) Chlorine
• PH and Acid Demand
• Total Alkalinity
• Salt Content
• Phosphate Level

(All Pool Cleaning Services are Full Service Only. We do not perform Pool Chemical-Only Service)

Pool Cleaning Dallas

Pool Service Includes:

• Test and balance the chemicals
• Vacuum the floor (suction or leaf master)
• Check operation of filter
• Skim the surface and the bottom
• Brush the walls
• Empty the pump baskets
• Backwash the filter as needed
• Empty the skimmer baskets
• Check the automatic cleaner operation
• Empty cleaner bag
• Check pool equipment and valves
• Brush the spa, steps, and tile

(These services and others are performed as needed depending on the pool condition)

We are fully licensed and insured.

Please call (214) 676-5990 for pool cleaning, pool service, pool repairs and information.

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